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Do I Need Professional House Washing?

Do I Need Professional House Washing?

Your home might not look as vibrant and new as it used to, but what are you going to do? You don't have it in your budget for new siding. Then you heard about house washing and thought it sounded like an affordable option. However, whenever it comes to pressure washing there is always a risk when you attempt a DIY project.

This is because pressure washers use high PSI (pounds per square inch) to blast away deep stains and grime, but they can also do quick damage and crack, splinter, and destroy even tough materials like concrete or wood.

If you look at your house and it has seen better days, professional house washing from experts like 2 Alarm Power Washing LLC is the way to go. When you hire experienced cleaners you can relax and know that the job will get done.

When your home starts to look tired, dull, and past its prime don't think you have to spend a small fortune sprucing it up. Professional house washing is a fast and affordable way to turn your house from underwhelming to eye-catching in a single afternoon.

If you have questions about house washing don't hesitate to call the friendly- experts from 2 Alarm Power Washing LLC at 304-389-2483.

How Often Do You Need House Washing?

So how often do you really need house washing? You honestly can't remember when your house was washed last, if ever, and it's still standing.

Having your house washed once a year is ideal. This is for several reasons. One is that it keeps your property looking good year after year. But aesthetics aside having yearly house washing is a good way to save money.

  • Catch small issues: Washing your house helps you spot potential problem areas like pest infestations, cracks, loose panels, or discolorations. You can then fix the small problem before it becomes a huge one.
  • Extends material life: Annual washing removes fungus, algae, and grime all of which can age your home's siding, peel paint, and create unwanted issues like mold problems.
  • Saves you time: Cleaning a whole house yourself with a bucket of water and a garden hose is not only time-consuming it can get dangerous if you're on a ladder without the proper safety equipment. An expert pressure washer will have the skill and tools to safely and effectively clean your house.

House Washing To Help Sell Your Home

House washing also has another benefit if you're thinking of putting your home on the market. A crisp clean house is eye-catching for potential buyers. It says your home is taken care of and move-in ready.

Many buyers might see a dirty, tired house and keep looking, wondering what issues await them on the inside. You don't want buyers to see a project but a dream house. House washing brightens the color of your siding, and removes stains and signs of age so that your home's natural beauty shines through.

House washing is a simple way to help your home sell faster and perhaps even for above asking price. So when new landscaping and decor just won't cut it get house washing to help your home stand out in the real estate market.